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Welcome to BPN Media’s blog!  You may be wondering what we do.  Business Professionals Network (BPN) began providing continuing professional education (CPE) in 1998.  The foundation of our network are the hundreds of educational courses that we produce and deliver to our clients via webcast each day (If you are a banker, accountant, insurance agent or lawyer, or you know bankers, accountants, insurance agents and lawyers—check these courses out at and  You’ll thank me later).  BPN handled all aspects of the creation of these courses from panelists and content to certification, and we partnered with a wonderful local production company.

Well, we worked so long around the world of video production that it seems a little rubbed off.  We purchased an amazing studio space, and BPN Media was born.  For the past several years, we have been handling our own production, filming, editing, etc.  We have become experts in corporate production in a self-taught, learn on the job, home-grown way—best kind of education there is!

Want to know another fun fact? We are a company comprised of family and friends!  Here is a family/company tree—just for fun!

Over the next few months, we will introduce you to each of the members of our crew, share some fun video production tips, and show you how video production (and BPN Media), can enhance your business!  Thanks for checking us out!  Please, share some feedback or leave a comment – we love to chat.

What can BPN Media do for you and your business?  A LOT!  Can’t wait to show you.  See you soon!

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