Video Production Projects that can Enhance Your Business – Part 1

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#1. Promotional Videos

There are a million ways to promote your brand or product, but promotional videos are among the most powerful.  In fact, keep this number in mind: 64%.  Why?  Because that is how much more likely a customer is to by a product on an online site after watching a video.

So, you’re now asking yourself, “If this is true, why doesn’t everyone incorporate video?”  That is a great question.  The creation of a video can seem like a daunting and costly task, but it doesn’t have to be.  A powerful script, combined with some great visuals, and a call-to-action and you’re in business.  Just one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.  At that rate, can you afford NOT to invest in a promotional video?

The great news is that BPN Media can help you and your company, create a powerful promotional video to convey your unique message in an interesting and exciting way.  We can handle your entire production from conceptual brainstorming, to scripting, to production, and editing, or assist you with just one aspect of your production.  And, unlike many production companies, we will do our best to work within any budget!

Here is a quick promotional video for the Accounting CPE Network’s Signature course and Onsite group options.  This is a great example of simple, powerful, yet affordable video.

ACPEN Signature + On-Site Promotional DVD Introduction from ACPEN on Vimeo.

Want to see a more complex production with great motion graphics and after affects? Check back soon for a sample promotional video we are just finishing up!

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